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Thank you from BlackLAN!

March 8, 2021
Thank you everyone for joining the Black Landscape Architects Network for our first annual Black History Month Speaker Series, "Black Landscape Symposium". Your participation in this series highlighted just how important these conversations are in building stronger, more inclusive communities across the globe. Your support of BlackLAN's mission also elevates a collective commitment to actively pursue diversity, equity, and belonging in our profession. Your contribution to this Series will go to support Black-identifying students currently pursuing landscape architecture. We look forward to sharing with you the recipients as we roll the effort forward!

A special thank you to our sponsors, who gave generously to our 2021 Scholarship Campaign. These firms, organizations, and institutions have already demonstrated leadership in these conversations and their support lends yet another avenue in achieving these important goals. Please see our allies on our website.

As we set out to plan  future events, we ask that you take time to fill out our survey so that we can learn more on how to improve and engage more people moving forward. We also ask that you stay connected by following BlackLAN on Twitter and Instagram (@blacklanetwork).

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Black Landscape Symposium 2021

The Speaker Series is one of many efforts by the Black Landscape Architect’s Network to raise funds that support Black-identifying students pursuing landscape architecture as a profession, and to mentor emerging and mid-career professionals and faculty.

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Student Engagement

Student Engagement
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